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Words from a Mother

I just realized I never posted about Halloween! This year you went as a ninja, and sadly lost one of your daggers. But after a day you stopped talking about it.

You really got into the ninja and loved wearing it to school. But for your Halloween party with olivia you went as a mermaid. And then after our break from toting you went back out as a cowgirl. So really three costumes in one day. Lol.

This is the first year you were so into trick or treating and with everything going on I’m so glad others participated.

We started off with all of our friends but then needed a potty break so we lost them. But we had lots of fun when we ran into our friend Nate and walked with him. We did half the neighborhood in an hour and then breaker at home to pass our candy. Then you and your daddy went out for about 20 more minutes and then came in for the night.

It was certainly a different Halloween. Not that many kids really. But you had fun and we’re doing ok.

Sadly thanksgiving and Christmas we will not be with the grandmas, and that sucks. I explained it to you today and you said you were sad about it and you wished Covid never came around. Me too sweetie. Me too. I pray it doesn’t last much longer. You only get so many chances to be a kid and I don’t want this to be yours.