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So when I was told to come off my glucosimine for my knee when I got pregnant I was worried. But surprisingly I didn’t have pain. Now about 4 months later I’m having an unbelievable amount. It started off by bugging me only when i slept. Which frankly was wonderful in helping me get a full nights sleep, since I have had no problems with exhaustion. (That’s sarcasm in case you didn’t know). So I tried bracing it at night. Then I tried icing it before bed and taking Tylenol when I went to sleep. Even though Tylenol has never even come close to touching the pain, I was really hoping. And so I delt with that for a few weeks. And things were ok. But now this past week, my knee has started to hurt all the time. To the point where I could barely walk this morning when I woke up. So I made an appointment for next Tuesday with my knee doc in hopes he can help. I mean, I really have no hope since there’s the small issue of being pregnant and drugs are limited. But I guess I have to hope a bit, because I don’t know how I will last another 22 weeks like this. Working and everyday life. The stress on my body already, plus what’s to come and then adding on the knee pain and all that jazz. Yep, definitely another reminder on why not to do this again. Lol