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So first it was my knee, and now last night my carpal tunnel started acting up again.  I had the surgery on my right hand, but my left was doing incredibly well after my right hand surgery (ie NO CT signs anymore).  So I opted to not have the surgery.  Last night my hand started going numb.  And not my hand and arm are killing me.  I pay I just did something yesterday to make it act up all of a sudden.  And I know CT is a common pregnancy side effect, but I was really hoping it would stay away.  And this is another instance where I would take Ibuprofen to help with the inflammation of the nerve casing, and I can’t.  So I have to deal with the pain and numbness.  And yes, I’m whining.

I know pregnancy isn’t supposed to be easy.  I know there is going to be issues.  But could I maybe get an issue that DOESN’T effect my sleep?!?!?!?!