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So we went to the OB today and had our growth scan ultrasound. Everything is looking good and the tech said that she’s measuring just over 7lbs, but her machine tends to go a little heavy. Either way, she will be somewhere around there. Lol. 

We got to see her heartbeat and her little legs and face even!  Here’s the pics you’re all waiting for:
And we think that is her foot next to her face below. She was all sorts of folded and moving in there. 

But here’s what you really want to hear:
The doc checked my cervix and I am 80% effaced and between 2-3cm dilated. Which means I’m having contractions that I am just not feeling. Kinda makes me nervous I won’t really know when I’m in labor till really late, (God damn my high pain tolerance. Lol) but I’m just staying calm and we will work it thru. 
But anywho, when she removed her hand there was blood and she said it was my bloody show. Which according to my books happens a few days before labor but could also happen weeks before labor.  Then she asked if we had any other appointments set up, and well we have them all set up till my due date (would you expect anything less?). Well, she said we probably won’t need the next one!  Which means we may have a baby before the end of next week!  Shit just got REAL!! 
Now of course labor is a fickle event. And sometimes you can be ready to go and have a baby in 24 hours, and other times it can completely stall and your stuck for another couple weeks. So even though this is exciting news, and as Katie said “made me happy and want to vomit all at the same time”, I’m taking it slow. 
I’m currently off work till Monday. And if there’s no baby by then, and I’m still feeling good, then I’m going to work. Until then I’m at the hospital getting my leg checked and just going to take it easy.