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Words from a Mother

I’m going insane. Ever since the OB yesterday I am paranoid that every little thing is “something”, since I haven’t felt anything yet. And I’ve done so much reading I know everything to look for. I know signs and symptoms and what things are supposed to feel like. But I just can’t help feeing that at the same time….I have no freaking clue. Lol

 I can’t leave home because of my leg and I don’t want to be too far away from home alone either.  I’m trying not to stand or walk too much because of my leg, but they say walking helps progress things. My legs more important though since I’m not even 40 weeks yet. 
 I’m going to try to fill my time by making padsicles and painting miniature skeletons/orcs for Brian’s D&D games. But that won’t last long. And that’s if I can bring myself to mentally do it. I’m just slowly going stir crazy and nervous and anxious. And I hate the idea that I can be like this for another 2-4 weeks. 
Luckily if nothing happens by Monday morning I can go back to work and have that fill my days. So yeah, think of that, silver lining….I only have to last 3 days like this. Ugh.