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Words from a Mother

So we’ve had spit up. We’ve had blowouts. But today we had projectile vomiting. We had just finished out morning feeding, and I was adjusting the burp cloth to burp one last time. When milk started to come back up. So I sat Kahlan up so she wouldn’t choke and that’s when it became a fountain. It just poured out. I don’t even know where it all was coming from. 

At first I was scared because I was thinking, maybe she’s sick. But she just looked at me all adorable covered in milk. So then my next thought was, aw man, all that liquid gold wasted. And then, oh god, I feel it on my leg. 
So it was a quick sponge bath for her and a clothes change for me. And then about 45 minutes later she was ready to fill up again. And so far, it has stayed down. 
I have no idea why she threw everything up, she seems normal. I burped her between sides, though nothing came out this time. Anywho, as long as she’s still eating and keeping it down, I’m just going with the flow….literally.