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So they always say to not get hung up on milestones as every child develops differently. And of course I know and understand that. But I can see why it’s so easy to do. With Kahlan not really able to give responses, as she basically has no bodily control yet, it’s hard to know if you’re doing enough. 

Are we playing enough?  Are we reading enough?  Am I stimulating her enough?  I feel bad sometimes because sometimes she sleeps/sits in her BOPPY or egg thingie and I just don’t know if I’m giving her enough attention or if I’m paying too much attention to everything else (TV, my phone, things around the house). So looking at milestones and if she is reaching them really helps me to know if I’m doing a good job or not. But hopefully I won’t become too obsessed with them – cause that could drive you crazy. 
That being said we started playing with a rattle lately (as she doesn’t like to do tummy time for more then a minute. Lol) and I am seeing a difference. 
She responds to her rattle when you move it around her head, which means she can differentiate “area”. And if you put it in her hand she will hold it. She tries to grab for it, but the coordination is just not there yet. And she’s making new noises too. Maybe the start to her coos?
And here she is this morning playing with her rattle again.