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Words from a Mother

So last night we went out for Brian’s birthday with a bunch of friends to Buca di Beppo and Dave and busters in Westlake. While we were out kahlan stayed with the grandmas in Lakewood.  It was the first time that she was away from mommy and daddy. And surprisingly it went easier than I thought it would. Of course I’m not like a normal first time on freaking out about everything, though I did have a moment where I couldn’t quite calculate how many bottles to take, Brian enjoyed that conversation. Lol. But in the end we were able to leave easy and I never texted once to check in.  And she did really well, taking her bottles and only fussing a little bit. She probably missed us at first, but she was able to calm down and enjoy her time out. 

I went and picked her up when we were done (I told brian to stay out with friends to enjoy is birthday), and she slept the whole way home, I was able to put her right into her crib and she slept until 4 AM.  And I was afraid that after last night, and getting 2 bottles, that she would start preferring a bottle over the breast.  That is something that can happen because it’s easier for her to eat from a bottle, but so far today we haven’t had any issues and she’s been eating like normal.  
So Brian had a fun time out for his birthday, and Kahlan had a good first time away from mom and dad.  A good sign for the future.