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Words from a Mother

So I always thought I would have this amazing nighttime ritual with Kahlan. We would get her in her PJs, read some books, eat, sing, rock and bed. Something that would help her get to sleep by knowing that it’s time to sleep. 

Well first, we haven’t needed it because she figured things out pretty quickly. Second, it’s really hard to have a ritual. By the time she eats her dinner and I get her settled to nap or play, then I have my dinner we usually are getting hungry again and it’s time for bed. And she doesn’t really have a schedule so things just get thrown off one day to the next. 
But there is at least one thing we do every night to help Kahlan fall asleep. And that’s sing. I love to sing and I thought about singing her to sleep when I was still pregnant with her. I would sing her to sleep then! 

sang the same songs every night then as I do now. And tonight was a wonderful example of why. She didn’t nap much today and was exhausted. So she just couldn’t get to sleep, even after feeding. She was just crying away. And so I started to sing. And within a minute she started to calm down and was passed out halfway through our second song. 
It was an amazing feeling being able to do that. I felt like an amazing mom in that moment. 
Another truly special thing….when she genuinely smiles. My heart melts. She makes me so happy.