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So today was our 2 month checkup. Lots of stuff:

We are sitting at 12lbs 7oz (up 2lbs4oz), we grew 1.5inches (23in total) and our head is big at 15.5in!  Wow!!

We got our first round of shots. And I was ready for her to wail but she just cried for a little bit. It was way worse in my head then it turned out to be. The problem tonight will be getting her bandaids off. I think we’re taking a bath. Lol

We’ve been having a watery eye the past couple days, and today we woke up and boy is it all goopy. I figured it was a clogged tear duct, put in drops of breastmilk and massaged her nose this morning. It looked better but didn’t go away. So when the doc looked at it he confirmed what I thought. And he even said exactly what I did this morning. Made me feel good. Now just to do that 2-3 times a day. 
And I asked about her head, as we’re still having problems. And he confirmed my suspicions of slight torticollius. She can turn to the left, but doesn’t have the full range of motion that she does to the right. So we have a prescription to go to a physical therapist. 
I think that’s all from this appointment. We go back in two months as long as things are good. 
Brian holding Kahlan before we went in:
The aftermath (lol):