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So yesterday was Kahlan’s first easter. Unfortunately being 2 months old doesn’t make it the most exciting. In the morning she got her little bunny from the bunny. And then we went and had dinner at the grandma’s house. Where she got her first Easter basket. Some cute stuffed animals, a book, ice pack, snack cups, etc.  Next year it will be more fun and we will probably actually do more for her. Kinda makes me feel bad we didn’t, but she is 2 months old….. 

This one makes me excited. I didn’t read anything about the bumbo seat we have, so I had no idea it was something she could use now. (I’m an idiot.)  But Brian asked if she could sit in it, and so we tried it out. Turns out it’s for 2-4month olds and she CAN sit in it. So not only does she look adorable sitting instead on laying down. But now I can use that instead of some other things and it will keep her off her head. Yay!

Just now we were laying on the couch together after breakfast playing with her butterfly. And her eyes start to droop. So I know she’s getting tired. But I also noticing her not crying about being tired like she always does. And so I stop playing and just watch. And she feel asleep on her own!!  I don’t know why I’m excited about this, but I am!!