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Words from a Mother

So I did it. I just had a spoonful of my breastmilk, and no I didn’t just do it for fun. 

Kahlan is not taking a bottle still. (We’re going to try again today). So I’ve been seeing if there could be a reason other then her being stubborn like her mother since she’s taken bottles before. And there is:  “Excessive Liapse”. It can make your milk taste soapy and some babies won’t drink it even though it’s still good. I don’t believe I have this problem, but I’m going to test it just to make sure. Covering all the bases. 
I can say that the milk tastes good. Some people compare it. To melted vanilla ice cream. But I think it’s more like almond or soy milk. 
So now I know what my milk tastes like fresh. And over the next 24 hours I will keep trying it to see if the taste changes. Sometimes it can take a while to effect the milk, but since she won’t take it after only 8 hours I’m thinking it won’t take long if that’s the issue. 
I truly think she’s just a stubborn butt.