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Kahlan’s Stats:  14lbs. 8oz., 25in long and 40cm head circumference. 

Got her shots. A little more traumatizing this time as she’s more “aware”. But she did good. Tonight there will be extra cuddles, ice packs and Tylenol if needed. 

As for her head shape. He just wants us to watch it. He said at this age it should be the worse it will get, the hope is to correct it more, but as long as it doesn’t get worse she shouldn’t need a helmet. I pray we won’t need a helmet. I’m just not convinced yet. 
And lastly, something I’ve never heard of, but I wish we would have been told the possibility of:  “Labial Adhesion”.  Basically Kahlan’s labia minora has become fused together. It’s only a concern because it can continue to grow over her urethra which can cause many more problems. So now we have a cream to apply until it opens and then to be proactive with petroleum jelly. I read it can happen over and over until puberty but the doc said it generally stops after potty training. How was I not aware of this??  
I’m so sorry Kahlan. Your heads all crooked and your hoo-ha is closed. Lol. Ugh, being a parent really sucks sometimes. You think you’re doing everything right to the best of your ability and then stuff happens. And it’s just that….shit happens. And you work through it until the next thing happens. I just really wish I would have known. So to all those out there having babies of the female persuasion be aware they can close up!  
And now for some adorableness to cheer me up: