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Words from a Mother

We took Kahlan on her first road trip this weekend to Columbus for the Midwest Haunters Convention. She slept the whole way down and back, so we know she’s good for long car rides in the future. 

We went swimming for the first time. 

Met some new friends, was adored by many and slept a lot. 

We even got some fun times in. 

And then there was learning to scream for fun. We were eating dinner Saturday night and she started screaming and smiling. She knew what she was doing. And it was hilarious. Thankfully it was at the hotel amongst a lot of loud Haunters. 

The hardest part was it was a lot of sensory overload at times, so we took some breaks. It made it difficult to feed a few times. But we survived. All in all it was a fun weekend, and we got home in time for bath night with daddy.