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So since Kahlan is nearing 6 months, I’m going to start introducing a sippy cup. The hopes is since she won’t take a bottle, she will take milk out of a cup. Some people have even recommended to me to just introduce a straw as babies tend to do really well with straws. 

Anywho, the plan is to put water in the cup (as she’s finally allowed a tiny bit of water a day – 2oz.) to help her get the idea and then do milk. 
So since I’m dying to try it out, and she is  4 days away from 6 months (holy shit), I just put an ounce in her cup. So I ended up dumping some on her tray and in her mouth to show her, letting her chew it a bit and then sucking on it a bit myself. Once I gave it back to her with the vent in, she actively took about 1/2ounce herself!  She didnt swallow it all as she’s never really had it before. But just knowing she can do it herself gives me high hopes for the future.