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Well since we hit the 6 month mark, we decided it was time to try some solids. And it was way more exciting thinking about what would happen, then what actually did happen. Lol

First, Uncle Mike brought us a sweet potato yesterday. And we enjoyed it pre-cooked. 
Then we cut it, oiled it and baked it. I was like, she’s gonna love this. It’s gonna be so messy and fun. And this was the extent of the mess (minus a bit in the chair).
I’d like to add here, that no matter how many times I tried to sit her up strait, she kept leaning back and putting her foot up on the tray. 
She mushed it a bit. Put it to her mouth a couple times. And when she touched the tip of her tongue/lips she got this “what the fuck is this?” look on her face. I think maybe a tiny piece or two made it in.  It’s quite funny how anything within a 10 foot radius makes it into her mouth. But put food within 6 inches and nope!
I did film it, but it’s nothing too exciting. Maybe I’ll edit and post it in the future. (It’s way to big of a file for my phone.)
Anywho, I guess that’s what baby led weaning is all about. Just letting her play and figure it out herself with minimal coaxing. Eventually she will get it. Till then we just keep trying new textures. It will be sweet potatoes for a few more days. But then we may venture to squash or broccoli. Mmmmmm