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So the stash is officially at 20. I have 10 more that should be coming in about 2 weeks. Which will give me enough for 4 days of changes, 5 if we only have 6 changes a day. 

Ultimately I would like enough for a week so I’m only doing laundry once a week. For that I’d need about 56. Not bad especially for the cost. 
Current investment:  $203
Diapers:  $150
Wet bags:  $12
Hamper:  $9
Paper towels: $12 (enough for 800 changes)
30 extra inserts:  $20
Estimated increase to utilities per month: $5-10
Future diapers:  $150

It’s a lot for an initial investment. And it’s extra laundry and more cleanup. But with the $2000-3000 we will save it’s completely worth it. Plus we won’t be sending all those disposables to the dump that take over 500 years to decompose. 
And most importantly, look how freaking cute they are!!

I currently have Alvas, Sunbabies, bumgenius 4.0 and one WAHM (the Harry Potter one). The 10 coming in the mail are Ecocloth. Once I get those I will decide what brand I like the best and get the last I need in that brand. 

I’m having fun with this. I officially understand the hashtag now:  #buyallthediapers.