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Words from a Mother

Well today we spent the day at the Medevial Faire. We saw Oxen, horses, mermaids, tardises and butterflies just to name a few. It was quite warm. But Kahlan drank right out of a water bottle, so no problems there. At least she can stay hydrated if she won’t feed in public. Lol

We also munched on daddy’s hat for a bit. 

Then we went to Uncle Adam and Aunt Julies for dinner. Tried some sweet potatoes again and played on the jungle gym. 
Then we decided it would be a good idea to get on all 4s. 
She got on her knees and was rocking back and forth a tiny bit. Ugh, I just kept saying no. She just learned to sit. No need to rush things along. 
But then we decided to end the day with some ice cream since it’s so freaking hot out. And Kahlan joined in on the fun. She really loved squeezing Uncle Adams cone. Lol

It was a long day and we are pooped. Bath and then bed. Phew.