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So today we had the first appointment for Kahlans helmet. So much information and yet we don’t know anything yet. We got a laser scan of her head done, but won’t get numbers till tomorrow. She looked so adorable in the sock with the stickers on her head. Lol

Then they submit it to insurance for preapproval, because she has to be 2 points above or below the average measurement for her age (or something like that) to be approved. But the tech doesn’t see it being a problem. She said just by seeing the scan she can say it’s moderate plagiocephaly and we would be approved. Anywho, preapproval can take up to 2 weeks. Then we go back for an up to date scan, order the helmet and get it in another week. She would wear it 23 hours a day for 3-6 months depending on growth spurts and how her head responds. And that’s about all we know. 

And thank god for insurance. We still have to pay a bit, but I’ve heard of some insurances not covering it at all.  The helmet is $3500. I can’t imagine parents going through this and not being able to pay, so they can’t get the helmet. Crazy. We are lucky, that’s for sure. 
I’m concerned on how it will effect breastfeeding, since it will add inches to her head. I’m concerned how she will emotionally deal with it on. How it may effect her sleep. The looks, pointed fingers and laughs I’ve read personally shared stories about. And I’ll miss putting my cheek on her head when we cuddle at night. 
BUT, she needs it and it will help her and it’s only for a short time. And if I need to I can take it off her when I want. It’s just the more she’s in it the better. And a lot of moms are telling me that after a few weeks it will be normal. I just need to get there.