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Well, last week bath time sucked. We can’t use her chair thing anymore because she’s too big. Besides the fact that she always is trying to sit up in it now. So we are doing baths without. And Kahlan loves to sit, just when she decides to throw herself back, but then sit again, but then want to stand. Ugh, it was constant and really hard on me (mostly my back). I was so afraid of her slamming her head back or swallowing water into her lungs. It just sucked. 

Today was so much better. Whether it was because she was calmer, or because I didn’t put a lot of water in the tub, I don’t know. But today we had a fun bath. She was trying to grab the stream of water coming out of her bath cups. And her favorite toy so far is the cup we use to rinse her hair with. Lol
Anyways, towards the end of the bath she was sitting and leaned forward to grab her favorite toy. In the process of falling forward she also pushed with her legs and vaulted into the drain release. Now she’s got a booboo. But it’s been about 15minuyrs, she’s nearly asleep while nursing and it’s looking better. But awwwww, Poor baby. 

OH!!  One more thing!!  Kahlan drank 2oz from a straw cup yesterday. Brian said it best “I think you just glimpsed freedom in your future.”  Yes, very much so.