A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

So today was Kahlans first day in the helmet for 23 hours. She did so well. I did have to take it off for a bit during her 10am nap. She would sleep for 5-10minites then wake up crying. After a couple tries I just took it off and she slept for an hour. One day at a time. It will get better and easier. I’m already getting better at getting the helmet on a moving target. Lol

Also today we went to the store and we had our first encounter with questions. Luckily it was with a friend Kelly and her daughter asking about it. And Kelly explained it perfectly.  
And then a little later the guy cutting some fabric for me asked if it was because she couldn’t hold her head well and ran into things a lot. And as much as that wasn’t a completely horrible thing for him to say, it still kinda threw me off. So I explained what it was for and he nodded and went on with his day. Don’t know if he really cared for my response or not. But I at least did my part in the educating. 
I just hope that my future experiences are no worse then that.