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Words from a Mother

Well today was Kahlan’s 3rd full day in the helmet. She is doing so amazingly well. The first couple days were trying. But we survived. Now it’s just hard on me….getting used to snuggling plastic and having a small window to kiss her in. And lastly the headbuts, oh man do those hurt. But yes, we are working through it all. 

We also had our one week checkup. We have some parts trimmed for a better fit and some holes drilled for some air flow. She kinda sweats alot in it and we don’t want her to overheat. Now we wait for a month (October 7th) and then rescan to see if we have any changes. Come on baby!  We got lots of growing to do!
I do have to give us both props. Not only have we made the transition to helmet this past week. But we’ve also cut 2 teeth (no pics yet – stupid tongue) and visited with Aunt Flo for the first time in 18 months. It’s been a fabulous week to say the least. But that face makes it worth it. 
And yes her eye is squished, hence why we had some trimming done.