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Words from a Mother

I feel like I’m using that word a lot more often lately. 

Kahlan is just so much more mobile, even without crawling. She’s rolling and scooting and walking along furniture, that she starting to get into everything. And I mean everything and anything. I swear all I kept saying today was no. Lol
Especially this evening when the thing I’ve most dreaded since putting my nipple in her mouth happened. She bit me. Omg. Luckily she only has two teeth on the bottom and not four. But she slowly bit down and then started pulling back. No me gusta. I’m hoping to stop this before it becomes a habit because that DID NOT feel good at all!!
On a positive note I scored a $350 car seat for $153. It was a pretty sweet deal and looks awesome. I’m kinda excited for her to sit in it tomorrow. Lol