A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

Saturday night is a blur to me. She woke up so much and was so upset. I don’t even know how much sleep I actually got because it was so broken up. 

Sunday night was better, but she still got up 4 times. Luckily brian was home that time so I had someone to talk to and work through it. Because frankly I was at a loss. 

I do think it was because of her nose. But all day Sunday she had no stuffiness. So I was second guessing it. Maybe her helmet?  Maybe teeth?  Maybe a growth spurt?  It sucked and lack of sleep sure wasn’t helping. And without her having a fever, medicine isn’t going to be any help either. I really, really hope tonight is better. 

Most because (ready for this cherry on top?) I’m now sick too. But I can’t fathom how I wouldn’t get sick. How to you not share germs with her?  Ugh.