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Well I attempted to make my first dress for kahlan last night. And after I started I realized that I was using the wrong kind of fabric for that kind of dress. But I pressed on and vowed to learn more about what fabrics should be used for what. It might even have been I used just fine fabric, but needed to see it differently. I don’t know. I’ve just dived into this whole sewing thing. 

Ironed on the table it looks just fab!

On the baby is another story. 
The pluses:  the skirt looks good (if you mind the wrong side), the arms are spot on but not much growing room, and the thing I worried about most is perfect. The fabrics going the right way!!  
The downsides:  the waist is too big, but certainly livable. The neck is huge. That one I have no excuse for except that h made the pattern myself. 
She looks adorable either way. 😉