A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

So it took 8 months, but they finally found someone to do my job at Spence. And that got me thinking today about how much I miss organizing thing. Managing things. Working in general. Also hoping they don’t like her more then they like me…I may want to go back eventually. Lol. 

She’s a nice gal, I’m sure she’ll be fine and I will still have a job if I want one. Key words: if I want one. 
I miss it. I truly do. And I still have days where I sit at home bored, wishing I could go to work. But then I look at her amazing face and realize that I can work when she’s older. Right now I just want to be with her and cherish every moment I can. You know, when she’s not crying and crabby. 
She is my love and my life. She also seems to get messier every time she eats oatmeal.