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Here we are at 8 months,wearing our helmet for about 3 weeks now.  Still trying to get solids down, but we are starting to like it.  Constantly on the move, rolling to get where we want since we’re not crawling yet.  Pulling up on things and walking while holding onto them.  And also starting to use consonants more regularly (“B” and “M” being the most popular). That seems to be a simple enough update for now.

And the picture.  Only when I want to take a specific photo does taking photos of Kahlan suck.  It’s like she doesn’t want to cooperate and wants to be on the move all the time or something…

At first we wouldn’t leave the sticker alone so I was all “I’ll Photoshop it in if I have to”.  Also we started in the helmet.

But then I decided I didn’t want these in the helmet.

Then we tried the sticker again.
But mom, I just want to play with the sticker!!

There were many more of these types of photos, many just a pink and white blob.  And then magic happened……Nightmare walked in the room.

And sat down next to me.

Nightmare, you poor, neglected for the past 8 months cat…you are my hero.