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Words from a Mother

Today was the first day of swim/gym lessons. First we played on soft mats and did some stretches. Then we did summersaults – or at least modified ones for now. Then to the pool. We don’t blow bubbles, or kick our legs. I think the class would be easier with a partner because I have a hard time holding her belly down and kicking her legs for her. Hopefully brian can come next time. But we enjoyed splashing, jumping in and out and chasing after all the balls. We even put our head under water. I was so nervous to do it. And the instructor said to do it only if your comfortable. And so I didn’t at first. But then when it was free time and everyone else decided to leave, kahlan and I jumped a few times and I put her under. I guess I felt more comfortable with only the instructor there with us. I think the first day of class went really well. The only things I truly have a problem with is afterwards. Showering, changing, changing her and not getting her clothes wet on everything in the locker room that’s wet. It’s more of a workout then swimming. 

And since no one was there to take our picture in the pool, I took one before we changed. I always make the stupidest faces to make her smile. Lol