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Words from a Mother

So first I want to talk about last night. It was about 1am and kahlan woke up. So I went in and tried calming, then held her, then fed her….blah, blah, blah. The whole routine. But as I was sitting there rocking with her a thought came across my mind that I actually think of often. And that is to remember these times because they’re not here forever. Remember the weight of her in your arm, the weight of her on your chest. Feeling her breathing in and out. Squeezing your arm with her little hand. Remember it. And of course then I was crying, because I still cannot believe how much I love her. I get frustrated, I get upset and sometimes get loud. But I love her, with my whole being I love her. 

Secondly I’d like to talk about some comments and messages I have gotten from people on Facebook in the past couple days. Three different women have thanked me for helping them with breastfeeding. Telling me I’m a wealth of knowledge, and so supportive. One even said I was more helpful then the LC. The best was this one lady saying “I appreciate you!”  I had no idea that could mean so much, but it did. I love that I’m able to help people and that I have actually seen results with helping these women. It’s a great feeling. 

believe it’s safe to say I am racking up the karma points. Lol