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So today we went and Kahlan got her head re-scanned to see what has changed.

Going into it I knew I could see a difference but I just wasn’t sure how much. I went in hoping for a 10mm difference for her CVAI (that’s one of two numbers we are watching), but telling myself a 13mm difference would be really good. And for her cephalon ratio I didn’t know what to expect at all. 

Frankly the numbers blew me out of the water. Here is the scan results. The yellow shape being her first scan. The grey/red being where her head is now.

Her cephalic ratio (length of skull dived by width) was 95% at her first scan. She has improvement to 93%. The average is 78%, she is making her way in the right direction.

Her Cranial Vault Asymmetry was 17.5mm at her first scan and she has  improved to 4.82mm. this is a great improvement. In order for her to qualify for a helmet in this category she had to be above 10mm, so she is now within the average range. 

Her Skull base Asymmetry was 6.35mm at her first scan and she has improved to 1.52mm. She is now within the average range. 

Lastly, her Orbiotragial Asymmetry was 7.87mm at her first scan and she has improved to 6.35mm. a helmet she has to be above 5mm in this category, she is on her way to being with in the average range.

I am so happy. I cannot believe she has made such an improvement in ONE MONTH!!  It’s almost hard to believe. 

I really do feel that my personal goal of being out of it by Christmas could be a reality. If anything her 1st birthday for sure!