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Words from a Mother

So today at physical therapy for Kahlan, Michelle (her therapist) said that today was going to be the last appointment BUT since Kahlan isn’t pushing herself to a sitting position she wants her to come back one more time. She said she just has to know she can sit up on her own. Kahlan knows how, she can do it, she just doesn’t. So Michelle showed me a few new exercises to help teach her and to practice it.  Basically we are working on arm strength. Since she had torticollis and couldn’t do tummy time successfully, we are playing catch up on arm strength. Also why she probably isn’t crawling either. She said it’s not horrible if she doesn’t crawl, but she’d really like us to push it as it helps with coordination in the future. 

Other then that she said that if we didn’t walk in with a helmet, she wouldn’t think Kahlan needed one. She was amazed when I told her the numbers after only a month of wearing it. 
And she also said that if she didn’t know Kahlans history, she wouldn’t be able to say she has torticollis. Both are awesome things to hear. It just shows all this hard work, and exercises and driving downtown…..everything….was totally worth it. I knew it was going to be, but it’s still nice to see such huge results. 
So one more appointment and then I think we will be done – save any regression issues. Which I pray never happens.