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Well it’s been a few days, but we finally got Kahlan’s numbers from her second head scan.  She still improving so that’s a plus!

Her cephalic ratio (length of skull dived by width) was 95% at her first scan. She has improvement to 91% (93% last month). 

Her Cranial Vault Asymmetry was 17.5mm at her first scan and she has  improved to 3.66mm (4.82mm last month).

Her Skull base Asymmetry was 6.35mm at her first scan and she has improved to 1.32mm (1.52mm last month). 

 Lastly, her Orbiotragial Asymmetry seems to have stayed the same at 6.35mm. 

Of course I always hope for bigger number differences, but I am pleased with the progress. Her head looks so amazing, if we stopped with the helmet I wouldn’t mind.  Lol. But alas we are still in the helmet for at least another month. And that may be it! The lady said that as long as Kahlan continues her rate of growth, we should only need the helmet for one more month, two months tops!  So it may be off for Christmas, but it will definitely be off by her first birthday, and that makes me really happy!