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Today we had a play date/ornament exchange with 8 mamas from the breastfeeding support group. 

Omg, it was so much fun. We all just sat back and let them do their thing. It was so relaxed to not have to constantly watch Kahlan because everyone was watching each other. Kahlan just had a ball playing with every one and everything. 
The best part of the day was when Kahlan walked over to Brigid who was sitting opposite me and was just kinda hanging on her. Then pulled on her shirt a bit, reached down her shirt, patted her boob and signed milk at the same time. Couldn’t stop laughing. 

And at the exchange we received 2 snowflake ornaments from Brigid. So in the future one will stay with me and one will go to Kahlan. 

(Snowflake pic here if I remember. Lol)
It was a much needed day with adults. But most importantly with such amazing women who have helped me more then they could even imagine, and not just with being successful at breastfeeding. 
It also seems as though I didn’t put up a post about our felt Christmas tree exchange from a few weeks ago. I swear I did but I can’t find it. 
This was something I organized with the support group as well. We had 13 moms participate!!  
So now Kahlan has an awesome tree to decorate over and over again.