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So it started with a runny nose, worked its way into a fever of 101.9, and progressed into labored breathing and me breaking down in tears. 

Sunday around 12:30 Kahlan had a fever. I gave her Tylenol and she seemed good. She wanted food at dinner time, ate her mashed potatoes and then threw them up. Around 7:30pm her fever was back and she was breathing really quickly. Tylenol and a cool bath seemed to help the fever, and she slept until 12:30am. From then she cried horribly and was breathing horribly. I took her into the steamy bathroom and in just a few minutes she breathed better….until she threw up. 
Her fever didn’t seem to be coming back but she was just breathing so hard. So brian came home and called the on call number. They said to watch for signs of distress but otherwise keep doing what we were doing and call the doc in the morning. 
Around 5 she woke up crying and I couldn’t figure out what to do. Brian tried so hard to help but she only wanted me and I was reaching the point of exhaustion from barely sleeping the night before too. I just started crying. I didn’t know what to do, and I was tired, and I felt horrible because I felt that I should know what to do. And I was also wishing really hard that she could tell me what was hurting. This was the low point for me. 
Around 7:30am she threw up again. I cleaned her off and took her downstairs where I noticed her retracting while breathing. And within a few minutes she visited again, this time I could see the color and it was yellow. All bile. 
So after a consultation with my 24-7 nurse (aka grandma), I got her into the docs instead of rushing her to the ER, which I was on the verge of doing. 
The doc listened to her lungs and said “oh my god”.  I guess she was internally wheezing really badly (I’m thinking of investing in a stethascope. Lol). So she was given a breathing treatment, and afterwards the wheezing was lessened, but she was still retracting. So we waited a bit and gave another. The wheezing was gone but still retracting. So now we have our very own pink panda nebulizer so I can give her a treatment every 4 hours for the next two days. And also an oral steroid. 
The doctor thinks it’s bronchiolitis.  A virus that acts like asthma but isn’t asthma. So we go back weds for a checkup. She is currently asleep while I wait in line for her medications, and I need a nap. Lol
My poor baby.