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Today Kahlan had her second dentist appointment. She doesn’t like me looking in her mouth, so while I hoped for a good appointment, I was prepared for it to be hard. And as usual she did amazing. She wasn’t exactly a willing participant, but she barely complained. 

They brushed her, gave her a Floride treatment and check for cavities or trouble spots. Of which there is none. Whoohoo – the brushing is paying off. 
They gave her a new Pooh toothbrush, which she started using in the office to the techs amazement. And we stopped on the way home to get some toddler toothpaste which we will try out tonight. 
I’m glad that I was conscious of getting her started with the dentist and brushing so early on. I know she’s still really young, but it seems to be working to make it just an every day part of her routine.