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Omg I suck. I have completely failed this blog the past month or so. I didn’t even post our Halloween pics. So here you go. 

I should also say that Kahlan went trick-or-treating and LOVED IT!!  She kept following all the kids and running to the houses. She was so proud to show off her bucket of candy. I wasn’t sure how scared she would get because she wasn’t liking the decor at home a lot. But she did really well. I was happy. 
Anywho. Here’s the pics. 
Kahlan’s Halloween costume when we went to the farmparks. She was a monster. 
She loves sitting in these giant pumpkins. 
We picked out pumpkins at Patterson’s. 
We had a Halloween party with friends. 
There was Halloween story time. 
Then we pick out our family pumpkins and carved them. 

On Halloween we enjoyed eyeball pancakes and went to music class. 

Then we set up our yard and went trick or treating.