A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

  • How you flap your arms like wings as your dad flies you around the living room with your butterfly wings on.
  • How you say “baby”, “mama” and “dada”.
  • Your laugh when I cover you in kisses.
  • How much you love peanut butter….and swings.  Oh the love of swings is so strong with you.
  • How you have developed a love for dance.
  • How amazingly daring you are.  Fearless.  Willing to try anything and not afraid to fall.  Which is a good thing for you, and a bad thing for my heart.
  • How you will grab something and use it like a microphone, singing your heart out.
  • How you run with your elbow bent and held high, swinging your arms back and forth with determination.
  • How you randomly shake your head viciously because you seem to love to be dizzy.
  • How you ask me to spin you around and around in my arms because again, you seem to love to be dizzy.
  • Your love of LEDs and lights – probably encouraged more by your dad – but you love them and are enamored by them.  You even have a little collection of flashlights and lights going.  
  • How you love to paint.  Oh how you love to paint.  On paper, on your hand.  Mixing the colors.  Pointing them out to me.  You even try different things with your brushes and watch to see what it will do.
  • You’re so inquisitive and (just like your dad) want to know how things work.
  • You love of hiding in or under things and then saying “hello” until someone comes and finds you.
  • How you take your mattress and put it on the bottom step to turn it into a slide.  And then the exclamation of “whee!” as you roll down it.
  • You’re love of Mickey Mouse.  And how the only other character you know by name on the Clubhouse show is “Pete”….of all characters.
  • Your crazy hair.  It has so many ringlets.  It gets so tangled in the back sometimes.  It sticks out on the sides like wings.  It’s just so light and crazy – it’s really fabulous.
  • How you try to clean up.  Taking your rag and bottle.  Making a “spiss-spiss” noise and then wiping with the rag.  Or using your mop or broom to help me clean.
  • Your love of your Bike.  I’m so glad we got that for you.  You would ride it all day if you could.  Well ride it all day to different sets of swings that is.  You’re always asking for a bike ride, even at night or when its freezing and raining outside.  Every day is a good day for a bike ride.
  • How you kiss my chest at night before bed.
  • How you snuggle with me in the mornings.
  • Your love of curling up with me and a book.
  • Your love of music and your guitar.  You just walk around playing it, strumming and singing.
  • The faces you make.  You’re just so expressive.  Your “O” face with big eyes.  Your “cheese” face with the huge grin.  The one where you pull back your lips and open your eyes wide.’
  • The way you make me laugh.
There’s just so many little things you do that I just never want to forget.  I can’t even name them all because there’s just too many.  I know they say parents are biased, and frankly I know I am.  But you’re just go god damn adorable it hurts.  And you have such a personality that just shines.