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Words from a Mother

My heart just swells some nights. Kahlan just woke up crying. I went in and rubbed her back asking what she needed. She cried back “sing!”.  So I covered her again, sang a song and she was back asleep. Oh my love. 

I also want to add that Kahlan has really hit the 2yo button this past week. A lot of “no’s” or “me’s” and the absolute refusal to allow me to wash her hair. When just a week ago she was totally fine with it. 😏
Oh and another thing to add. When something is going her way or she’s generally unhappy she asks to go home. She was at grandmas for a few days when we were in St. Louis and when she wasn’t happy she asked to go home. Or when we went to dinner last night and I had to wake her to get her out of the car. It was a good 15 minutes of crying about “home”.