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Words from a Mother

So I tried not to push it. Kahlan showed interest in the potty and we tried to go without diaper and it didn’t work. She just wasn’t ready. But at home she was totally ready. She would use the potty 100% of the time. But when we went out it just didn’t happen. So yeah, I didn’t push it. We were bottomless at home and wore diapers when we went out. No big deal. 

Then a couple days ago, right after we woke up and she was still wearing her overnight diaper, she started pulling on her waistline and said pee. So we went to the potty, I took off her diaper and she peed. So I thought, what the heck, and put her pants back on but with no diaper. See up until this point if anything was on her she thought it was a diaper, hence why we wore nothing at home. 

So yeah, the pants when back on. And she used the potty all day. So we ventured outside (thank god the weather finally turned this week), and she would say she had to pee and we came back in an peed. So then we tried errands. And we were successful at that too. The only time we have an issue is in the car seat. I think the pressure of the seat lets her still think diaper. So we use puppy pads to protect the seat and my sanity. But still, we went shopping for three hours on Monday. No accidents in the first store. An accident in the car seat even though we tried before we left the first place. And then she used the potty twice while we were at the second place. And now she just doesn’t want diapers at all. She just says no. 

Now we still wear them for naps and overnight. And I think we will do a pull-up tomorrow for gymnastics, because frankly that class is very distracting and I don’t want to deal with that cleanup with all the other kids playing around. But that way it’s still easy to take off if she has to pee. 

So I’m glad I didn’t push it. I’m glad I just encouraged but never pushed and she is just doing it on her own in her own time. She’s finally ready and so there you go.