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So today I had one of those moments when I thought to myself, “Wow, I made that”.

Kahlan goes to gymnastics once a week and loves it.  She’s not always a good listener or doing what she’s supposed to be doing….but she’s 2, so yeah.  Anyways, there is a little boy there who I learned, after talking to his mom today, has some behavioral issues that they are working on. 

What this means is every class he has a crying session.  Sometimes she can get him back on track and enjoy the time and other times they leave.  Today while they were doing the obstacle course he starting to cry.  Kahlan went over to him and said “no cry, no cry”.  She tried to give him a hug and he backed away, she tried again and he backed away.  So she went back to doing her thing.  A little bit later when we are starting floor exercises he is very upset.  Kahlan goes over and says “no cry” and gives him a hug.  He calms a bit and so she sits down next to him.  He starts to cry again.  So she tries to get his attention and show him what to do in the class.  He’s not having it.  So she grabs his legs and starts to try to position him.  Now at this point since the mom is not stopping her, neither am I, especially because he starts to calm down again.  She continues to stay by him but do her class stuff and he starts to get really upset again. So she turns back and gives him a hug.  But it turns out its not just a hug.  She’s holding him.  She doesn’t let go.  He starts to calm down and she still just holds him. He starts to sniffle and then just nothing.  So she sits on his lap. LOL

This is when floor exercises end and it’s time to get on the carpet squares.  So she stands up and grabs his hand and leads him to a square next to her.  He is fine the rest of class and participates like normal again.

I cannot believe what just happened and even his mom gave me that look of thanks with her eyes.  It really was all her. 

The teacher then said “Make sure to invite me to the wedding.  I’m pretty sure I know who will be wearing the pants in that relationship”.

Needless to say it was an amazing moment to watch unfold, and I am so proud of her.  I praised her for her kindness on the ride home and told her she should be proud of herself for helping that little boy.  I may also have gotten a little something in my eye when it was happening, must have been come chalk or something.