A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

So I injured my knee somehow and it become unbearable. The swelling and pain were intense. But you, my love, became my favorite nurse. You were so helpful and kind and gentle. You just cared for me and it was amazing.

You also had sympathy pains. Lol.

But being a 3yo stuck in the house for 5 days so far, you have been an angel. So thank you.

As for my knee I went to the ER on Sunday because it was so painful. Got some medications to help and say my knee doctor today. He drained the fluid and it’s feeling better. He believes it was an acute arthritis flare up and a knee replacement is in my future, much sooner than we hoped. I’d like to try to make it until you’re in school, but one day at a time.

Fun side story: We got home from the ER and grandma Marlene was watching you. She told me that you were pretending your knee was injured and you were laying on the couch and groaning in pain and saying fuck. Which I can’t blame you because that’s all I did for a full 24 hours. LOL