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Words from a Mother

“My daughter just turned three a couple weeks ago. She nurses sporadically, sometimes before bed, sometimes when she first wakes, sometimes she’ll go a day or two without.

Sometimes it’s hard to let her take the lead because I want the connection, but I always do.

Anyways, she hasn’t nursed in two days and we’re are cuddling on the couch. I thought I should offer, but no, don’t, let her lead and she’ll ask if she wants. Well she did. So I went to adjust my left side and she said, “ no mama, that ones empty.” She says she doesn’t get anything from that side anymore.

They days are dwindling now. 😢. But I can’t even believe we’ve made it this far. ❤️

That is a post I made in a breastfeeding group I’m a part of. I truly can’t believe we’ve made here and I’m so sad to watch it end, but I’m also so happy to see you grow up. And maybe a twinge of happiness to have my body back.