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Words from a Mother

Of course you have had sleepovers at grandmas. And you even went camping with a friend. But this was the first time you had a friend sleepover at our house. It was as much a first for you as it was for me. I tried to be prepared. I think I was prepared. It went pretty well though I was mentally exhausted by the end of it.

Frankly I only got a few pictures because both you and Remi were a blur of motions all night long. From the moment she arrived and you squealed disrupting the neighborhood dogs, to the moment her mom picked her up you never stopped moving.

It started with a tour of the house and then the playing began. Costume changes happened every few minutes. You moved from one thing to the next thing within minutes. Both so excited. At one point you proposed to Remi. And played in your makeup. Played with Barbies (which was really me changing them every 30 seconds). A picnic in the kitchen. I tried to follow behind and keep the house mostly in order. That started off strong and then weakened as I gave up. Lol

Finally sometime between 8-9pm I got you guys settled to watch a movie, “wreck it Ralph”. Giving you guys some private fun I went upstairs to relax and watch tv. This turned into me coming down or you guys coming up about every 15 minutes. You needed snacks the majority of the time. As I listened to the villages downstairs I heard you scream up to me “mom, sleepovers are the best thing ever!”

Then a refill on popcorn, more lemonade or more salt. Those were the most popular. Then came the sword fighting on the couch while tackling each other. I was hoping you would eventually fall asleep while watching it but that did not happen.

So we made a deal. Stay laying down on the couch and I would put in Tangled. While doing so you asked me if you could have another sleepover. We weren’t even finished with this one kid. Lol

So the movie started off well. Then you needed more snacks so I gave you some candy and Remi an ice cream sandwich. Then you came up asking for more candy and I said no more food. Then you and Remi came up together and I heard you whisper on the stairs “I’ll just tell my mom it’s only one more snack”. In comes bags of pretzels. Then the laughter comes up the stairs and I go down to check and you’re both eating bananas. You were both like garbage disposals.

You dads flight got in from Florida about 10pm. I was thinking you’d be out when he got home, but that was a joke on me. So he came home and ended up finishing the movie with us.

Once you finally passed out about 12:30am, things were quite. About 6am you woke and came up to us in bed because Remi was scared and needed more lights on. Then back out until about 9:30am. A breakfast of pancakes and scrambled eggs (that you both helped me stir and cook). A little bit of play time and then her mom picked her up.

At that point I was ready to pass out, but that didn’t happen. We ended the day seeing Frozen 2. You were crabby, exhausted and over stimulated making for a hard bedtime routine. But in the end we survived it all. It will be a while before we do it again.