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Words from a Mother

Well it seems like a tradition that you have a cough on Thanksgiving and this year did not disappoint. But we still had fun.

First dinner at Aunt Tias and that side of the family where you proceeded to put everyone in jail. And we kept escaping. It was quite fun actually.

And then to Grandma Rose and Grandma Ginnys for second meal and great conversation.

Your cookies that you helped to decorate were a huge hit and I think we may just do it again for Christmas. But this time 3 dozen. Lol.

I sucked at taking pics this year so I don’t have any except for your cookies. Maybe Tia will post some later that I can steal.

And then today we decorated the tree and part of the yard. You were very into decorating the tree this year. You ran to wake up daddy so he could help set it up. Then you kept checking in when I was fluffing and working on the lights to see if we could decorate yet. And then you carefully placed each ornament and told me you were being careful because “I know ornaments can be delicate”. So now you sit by the tree playing with the ones you put lower. I’m very much looking forward to Christmas this year.