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Well, first let me say that I will be doing a Summer Dump post here soon.  This summer has just been really off and I have been really off.  We did a lot and also nothing at the same time.  LOL.  Covid is still a thing, now we have a new variant, and……well, everything is just weird and off and that’s why I haven’t updated in a long time.  But I promise that is coming.  

But I most certainly wanted to post about your first day back at school.

On Monday, August 16th, we went to your school to drop your supplies, see your class and hang out with friends.  It was kind of exciting because I hadn’t seen your school yet really with everything that happened last year.  So it was nice to be able to walk around and finally get a feel for it.  Your room is awesome and you have tiny rocking chairs at your desks that probably help with fidgeting bodies that like to move.  We saw Ms. Arezone, made some new friends, saw some old ones.  It was a really good time.

Then on Weds., August 18th you had your first day.  Not much to really tell other than you were kind of excited to go but when you brought home a coloring page that asked how you felt it was a little bit happy but mostly scared.  But today is the second day and you were really excited to go.  You did say your favorite part of your first day was that your teacher Mrs. Percic lets you walk around without shoes on in class whenever you want and that you got an extra recess at the end of the day.  

So here’s to a fantastic 2021-2022 school year!  May we be able to complete the whole school year actually in the school building and no one gets sick.  I’m crossing everything.