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Words from a Mother

With the weather getting nicer (finally), you decided to break out your Barbie roller skates that we purchased two years ago.  First, you can barely get your shoe in them, two you are well past what they can do.  You basically walk in them.  So we decided to give actually roller skating a try.

It was hard at first and I frankly have no clue how to teach you to roller skate.  Luckily where we went is very family-friendly and this wonderful woman names Paige helped you.  At the end of the first day, you fell hard and cried and said you didn’t want to go back.  But come morning you wanted to go again.  So on Mother’s day, we went back skating and by the end of it, you were zooming around the rink.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Charity brought us bee cookies to decorate for Mother’s Day, and of course, we had fun with that as usual.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, you and Daddy made this year so special for me.  It started with breakfast in bed which led to cuddles and TV watching.  Then we went roller skating and for dinner, we grabbed Chinese and ate it with Grandma Marlene.  Best of all you bought me a garden angel that is beautiful.  You said it is because I am an angel, which of course made my heart melt.  


The funny thing is I (and your dad) thought it was for outside but you made the announcement that it’s for decoration in our bedroom and also that you want to paint it.  I’m holding out for that though because I really like it as is.  So now it sits on my dresser.

And lastly, our garden was finally tilled and we went to check it out and drop things off.  Of course, you had to dress the part as a gardener and you loved playing in the dirt.  You seem to be excited to plant and grow stuff, but even if you lose interest in 5 minutes, you will have plenty of areas to play and dig.