A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

So I don’t really know what to write.  I feel like I just check this once a month, see where I left off with photos, and update with that.  Which isn’t all that bad, but it’s not what I used to do.  But this has also been a really crappy year and I have no motivation to do anything.  So there’s that.

Anywho…..The first thing to talk about is the day you said you wanted to get dressed up and go see the animals at the pet store.  And so we did.  We also ended up getting Nightmare a new water container that he LOVES and you picked out a new bed for him.  Which he got in once and then now you took over.  I even found you asleep in bed with it on your head.  



You’ve recently become obsessed with TJ’s on the Ave, and we go there almost every weekend.

You’ve had some projects to complete.  One was a leprechaun trap you did at home while the teachers were vaccinated.  The rest were in school.

Speaking of vaccinated, your dad and I were both vaccinated.  We got our first shots at the end of March and the second at the end of April.  It was quite emotional for me for that first shot.  And you came with me for the second one.  I’m happy to be vaccinated and feel safer for myself but you can’t get it, so you are still at risk.  So it doesn’t do too much for what we change for ourselves, but it’s nice that it is finally happening.


We had Easter at Aunt Tia’s and then again at home with a BIG East Egg hunt here too.  We didn’t go to see anyone else again, but the Grandma’s sent over a big Easter box full of gummy candies and new crocs.

You went to Jessica’s and her child Lilly drew you a picture together.  It was so cute I had to frame it.  You’ve also made your own drawings and notes too.  One to a very special boy names Noah, your very first crush.  We even made beautiful cards for Aunt Charity who had to have surgery.

Let’s see…….we got our Magic Bands for our trip to Disney this November.  We were supposed to go last November, but well……Covid.  So fingers crossed we are good to go this year

I finally got my sewing machine fixed and made you your pillow.  I had one that was carebears that I had for such a long time (it’s still in my cedar chest), so I wanted to make one for you for Christmas.  Well, it had to wait till now.

We also rented a plot at the local community gardens and we are going to try to have a much bigger garden this year.  Fingers crossed it goes well, but we shall see.  We will all be learning together.

Otherwise, it has just been enjoying ourselves and trying to enjoy the nice weather when we get it.