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Words from a Mother

So not too much has happened in the last month.  School is still going strong and vaccinations are being distributed.  Your teachers have one round, and they get the second one next week.  Grandpa Lynn and Grandma Ginny are fully vaccinated and Grandma Rose has one shot down.  They just opened it up to 60+ and I think the projections are a May 1st date to be open to anyone that wants it.  Of course no one under 16, but we are just waiting for now. 

Weddings have mostly opened back up but still with social distancing and sanitizing regulations, but this is good news for my couples and my business.  So hopefully this year won’t be a total loss. 

The weather got nicer this week so we played outside.  Which just that alone can really make someone (aka me) so much happier.  And you have been so tired from all the playing you’ve actually slept in your own bed all night long.

Daddy turned 40 and we made him a cake as it’s our tradition. You initially wanted to make a skull one but then decided you wanted to cover it in hearts to show him how much you love him.  I’ll also include pics from when he was young so that you have them.

Your friend Olivia turned 6, and so we celebrated her birthday. 

We went and delivered balloons and gifts to Grandma Ginny for her birthday and you got to hug Grandma Rose for the first time in a year.  I may have cried a bit on the ride home.

And one night I went to bed and found this adorable note on my pillow.  I mentioned it in the morning and you said it was supposed to say “I miss your cuddles” but you didn’t know how to spell cuddles.

And we went for your annual checkup.  He’s not happy with how your curve is going so we are headed to a GI doc to see if there is something more to your constipation and lack of weight gain.  Plus you’re still having accidents.  We go at the end of the month.  I don’t want to find anything, but at the same time, I just want answers.

Here are a few extra fun photos I captured this past month.

Here are some pictures your teacher shared from school.