A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

First things first, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE 6!!!  Ugh, time has gone by way too quickly.  I just need it all to slow down.  I mean there are times where I wish you were more independent, but I know those days will be here soon enough and you won’t need me and then I’ll miss them.  So I try to embrace it as much as possible while I can.  But seriously, slow down, please.

So this year, because of the wonderful COVID situation, we couldn’t have a large party with your friends like we normally do.  And you know what, I kind of like it that way better.  So this year we had a sleepover party.  We invited three friends, but sadly only one could make it.  But we still made it the best birthday ever!

After your sleepover party we had a scavenger hunt for your gifts.  You love scavenger hunts and asked for one again this year.  I love following you around as you figure things out.  Next year I’m making it harder though.

Then we had a surprise birthday parade.  So many friends and family members drove by to wish you a happy birthday and dropped off gifts.

Lastly, we took our annual trip to Great Wolf Lodge for your birthday.  I was concerned, but honestly, we canceled our Disney trip and hadn’t gone anywhere in almost a year.  So we did it.  We packed as much food as possible so we didn’t have to go to restaurants and just wore our masks the whole time.  Through everything, your poor Dad had a bum leg and wasn’t able to walk much so he was able to join us at the hotel, but couldn’t really walk or swim.  But what he did do was go to the arcade with you and won you a crap ton of tickets so that you could get the prizes you wanted.  LOL.  

We had a great time and when it was all over I was beyond exhausted.  But I was just glad to be able to give you some sort or normalcy for your birthday at least.