A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

 So yesterday was your first day back in school.  You said you didn’t want to go back and just do school on the computer.  I mentioned seeing your friends in person and you said, “I can see them online”.  lol  

But I think you were happier than you were letting on.  

You did tell me on the way to school about not being able to change clothes in the bathroom anymore because older girls were seeing you in the bathroom and making fun of you for accidents.  And so my mama heart REALLY hurt with that.  But I gave you a pep talk of not letting them get to you because they know nothing about you.  I don’t know if it helped, but there you go.

And of course, when you got done with school you said it was horrible because everything was too loud.  I guess being home with just me and dad takes the noise away.  But you are resilient and will adapt as usual.  Then you threw up that night and hurt your tummy muscles and I called you off the next day.  LOL.  But tomorrow is a new day.